This class stores meta-information about classes. Instances of this class are not generally defined directly by an application, but indirectly through use of macros such as DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS and IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS.

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No parent class.

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Overview, wxObject


wxClassInfo(const wxChar * className, const wxClassInfo * baseClass1, const wxClassInfo * baseClass2, int size, wxObjectConstructorFn fn)

Constructs a wxClassInfo object. The supplied macros implicitly construct objects of this class, so there is no need to create such objects explicitly in an application.


wxObject* CreateObject(void)

Creates an object of the appropriate kind. Returns NULL if the class has not been declared dynamically creatable (typically, it is an abstract class).


static wxClassInfo * FindClass(wxChar * name)

Finds the wxClassInfo object for a class of the given string name.


wxChar * GetBaseClassName1(void) const

Returns the name of the first base class (NULL if none).


wxChar * GetBaseClassName2(void) const

Returns the name of the second base class (NULL if none).


wxChar * GetClassName(void) const

Returns the string form of the class name.


int GetSize(void) const

Returns the size of the class.


static void InitializeClasses(void)

Initializes pointers in the wxClassInfo objects for fast execution of IsKindOf. Called in base wxWidgets library initialization.


bool IsKindOf(wxClassInfo* info)

Returns true if this class is a kind of (inherits from) the given class.

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