Menubars and toolbars in wxWinCE

Menubars and toolbars in PocketPC

On PocketPC, a frame must always have a menubar, even if it's empty. An empty menubar/toolbar is automatically provided for dialogs, to hide any existing menubar for the duration of the dialog.

Menubars and toolbars are implemented using a combined control, but you can use essentially the usual wxWidgets API; wxWidgets will combine the menubar and toolbar. However, there are some restrictions:

Unlike in all other ports, a wxDialog has a wxToolBar, automatically created for you. You may either leave it blank, or access it with wxDialog::GetToolBar and add buttons, then calling wxToolBar::Realize. You cannot set or recreate the toolbar.

Menubars and toolbars in Smartphone

On Smartphone, there are only two menu buttons, so a menubar is simulated using a nested menu on the right menu button. Any toolbars are simply ignored on Smartphone.

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日