Testing for WinCE SDKs

Use these preprocessor symbols to test for the different types of device or SDK:

__SMARTPHONE__ Generic mobile devices with phone buttons and a small display
__PDA__ Generic mobile devices with no phone
__HANDHELDPC__ Generic mobile device with a keyboard
__WXWINCE__ Microsoft-powered Windows CE devices, whether PocketPC, Smartphone or Standard SDK
WIN32_PLATFORM_WFSP Microsoft-powered smartphone
__POCKETPC__ Microsoft-powered PocketPC devices with touch-screen
__WINCE_STANDARDSDK__ Microsoft-powered Windows CE devices, for generic Windows CE applications
__WINCE_NET__ Microsoft-powered Windows CE .NET devices (_WIN32_WCE is 400 or greater)

wxGetOsVersion will return these values:

wxWINDOWS_POCKETPC The application is running under PocketPC.
wxWINDOWS_SMARTPHONE The application is running under Smartphone.
wxWINDOWS_CE The application is running under Windows CE (built with the Standard SDK).

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日