Archive formats such as zip

The archive classes handle archive formats such as zip, tar, rar and cab. Currently only the wxZip classes are included. wxTar classes are under development at wxCode (#2).

For each archive type, there are the following classes (using zip here as an example):

wxZipInputStream Input stream
wxZipOutputStream Output stream
wxZipEntry Holds the meta-data for an entry (e.g. filename, timestamp, etc.)

There are also abstract wxArchive classes that can be used to write code that can handle any of the archive types, see 'Generic archive programming'. Also see wxFileSystem for a higher level interface that can handle archive files in a generic way.

The classes are designed to handle archives on both seekable streams such as disk files, or non-seekable streams such as pipes and sockets (see 'Archives on non-seekable streams').

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