wxDb/wxDbTable wxODBC Overview

Classes: wxDb, wxDbTable

The wxODBC classes were designed for database independence. Although SQL and ODBC both have standards which define the minimum requirements they must support to be in compliance with specifications, different database vendors may implement things slightly differently. One example of this is that Oracle requires all user names for the datasources to be supplied in uppercase characters. In situations like this, the wxODBC classes have been written to make this transparent to the programmer when using functions that require database-specific syntax.

Currently several major databases, along with other widely used databases, have been tested and supported through the wxODBC classes. The list of supported databases is certain to grow as more users start implementing software with these classes, but at the time of the writing of this document, users have successfully used the classes with the following datasources:

An up-to-date list can be obtained by looking in the comments of the function wxDb::Dbms in db.cpp, or in the enumerated type wxDBMS in db.h.

**dBase is not truly an ODBC datasource, but there are drivers which can emulate much of the functionality of an ODBC connection to a dBase table. See the wxODBC Known Issues section of this overview for details.

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