wxCommand overview

See Document/view framework overview.

Classes: wxCommand, wxCommandProcessor

wxCommand is a base class for modelling an application command, which is an action usually performed by selecting a menu item, pressing a toolbar button or any other means provided by the application to change the data or view.

Instead of the application functionality being scattered around switch statements and functions in a way that may be hard to read and maintain, the functionality for a command is explicitly represented as an object which can be manipulated by a framework or application. When a user interface event occurs, the application submits a command to a wxCommandProcessor object to execute and store.

The wxWidgets document/view framework handles Undo and Redo by use of wxCommand and wxCommandProcessor objects. You might find further uses for wxCommand, such as implementing a macro facility that stores, loads and replays commands.

An application can derive a new class for every command, or, more likely, use one class parameterized with an integer or string command identifier.

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