wxDocTemplate overview

See Document/view framework overview.

Class: wxDocTemplate

The wxDocTemplate class is used to model the relationship between a document class and a view class. The application creates a document template object for each document/view pair. The list of document templates managed by the wxDocManager instance is used to create documents and views. Each document template knows what file filters and default extension are appropriate for a document/view combination, and how to create a document or view.

For example, you might write a small doodling application that can load and save lists of line segments. If you had two views of the data - graphical, and a list of the segments - then you would create one document class DoodleDocument, and two view classes (DoodleGraphicView and DoodleListView). You would also need two document templates, one for the graphical view and another for the list view. You would pass the same document class and default file extension to both document templates, but each would be passed a different view class. When the user clicks on the Open menu item, the file selector is displayed with a list of possible file filters - one for each wxDocTemplate. Selecting the filter selects the wxDocTemplate, and when a file is selected, that template will be used for creating a document and view.

For the case where an application has one document type and one view type, a single document template is constructed, and dialogs will be appropriately simplified.

wxDocTemplate is part of the document/view framework supported by wxWidgets, and cooperates with the wxView, wxDocument and wxDocManager classes.

See the example application in samples/docview.

To use the wxDocTemplate class, you do not need to derive a new class. Just pass relevant information to the constructor including CLASSINFO(YourDocumentClass) and CLASSINFO(YourViewClass) to allow dynamic instance creation. If you do not wish to use the wxWidgets method of creating document objects dynamically, you must override wxDocTemplate::CreateDocument and wxDocTemplate::CreateView to return instances of the appropriate class.

NOTE: the document template has nothing to do with the C++ template construct.

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