Common dialogs overview

Classes: wxColourDialog, wxFontDialog, wxPrintDialog, wxFileDialog, wxDirDialog, wxTextEntryDialog, wxPasswordEntryDialog, wxMessageDialog, wxSingleChoiceDialog, wxMultiChoiceDialog

Common dialog classes and functions encapsulate commonly-needed dialog box requirements. They are all `modal', grabbing the flow of control until the user dismisses the dialog, to make them easy to use within an application.

Some dialogs have both platform-dependent and platform-independent implementations, so that if underlying windowing systems do not provide the required functionality, the generic classes and functions can stand in. For example, under MS Windows, wxColourDialog uses the standard colour selector. There is also an equivalent called wxGenericColourDialog for other platforms, and a macro defines wxColourDialog to be the same as wxGenericColourDialog on non-MS Windows platforms. However, under MS Windows, the generic dialog can also be used, for testing or other purposes.

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日