Native font information

An alternative way of choosing fonts is to use the native font description. This is the only acceptable solution if the user is allowed to choose the font using the wxFontDialog because the selected font cannot be described using only the family name and so, if only family name is stored permanently, the user would almost surely see a different font in the program later.

Instead, you should store the value returned by wxFont::GetNativeFontInfoDesc and pass it to wxFont::SetNativeFontInfo later to recreate exactly the same font.

Note that the contents of this string depends on the platform and shouldn't be used for any other purpose (in particular, it is not meant to be shown to the user). Also please note that although the native font information is currently implemented for Windows and Unix (GTK+ and Motif) ports only, all the methods are available for all the ports and should be used to make your program work correctly when they are implemented later.

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日