Sizer overview

Classes: wxSizer, wxGridSizer, wxFlexGridSizer, wxBoxSizer, wxStaticBoxSizer, CreateButtonSizer

Sizers, as represented by the wxSizer class and its descendants in the wxWidgets class hierarchy, have become the method of choice to define the layout of controls in dialogs in wxWidgets because of their ability to create visually appealing dialogs independent of the platform, taking into account the differences in size and style of the individual controls. Unlike the original wxWidgets Dialog Editor, editors such as wxDesigner, DialogBlocks, wxrcedit, XRCed and wxWorkshop create dialogs based exclusively on sizers, practically forcing the user to create platform independent layouts without compromises.

The next section describes and shows what can be done with sizers. The following sections briefly describe how to program with individual sizer classes.

For information about the new wxWidgets resource system, which can describe sizer-based dialogs, see the XML-based resource system overview.

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