wxDialog overview

Classes: wxDialog

A dialog box is similar to a panel, in that it is a window which can be used for placing controls, with the following exceptions:

  1. A surrounding frame is implicitly created.
  2. Extra functionality is automatically given to the dialog box, such as tabbing between items (currently Windows only).
  3. If the dialog box is modal, the calling program is blocked until the dialog box is dismissed.

Under Windows 3, modal dialogs have to be emulated using modeless dialogs and a message loop. This is because Windows 3 expects the contents of a modal dialog to be loaded from a resource file or created on receipt of a dialog initialization message. This is too restrictive for wxWidgets, where any window may be created and displayed before its contents are created.

For a set of dialog convenience functions, including file selection, see Dialog functions.

See also wxPanel and wxWindow for inherited member functions. Validation of data in controls is covered in Validator overview.

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