Event macros summary

Macros listed by event class

The documentation for specific event macros is organised by event class. Please refer to these sections for details.

wxActivateEvent The EVT_ACTIVATE and EVT_ACTIVATE_APP macros intercept activation and deactivation events.
wxCommandEvent A range of commonly-used control events.
wxCloseEvent The EVT_CLOSE macro handles window closure called via wxWindow::Close.
wxDropFilesEvent The EVT_DROP_FILES macros handles file drop events.
wxEraseEvent The EVT_ERASE_BACKGROUND macro is used to handle window erase requests.
wxFocusEvent The EVT_SET_FOCUS and EVT_KILL_FOCUS macros are used to handle keyboard focus events.
wxKeyEvent EVT_CHAR, EVT_KEY_DOWN and EVT_KEY_UP macros handle keyboard input for any window.
wxIdleEvent The EVT_IDLE macro handle application idle events (to process background tasks, for example).
wxInitDialogEvent The EVT_INIT_DIALOG macro is used to handle dialog initialisation.
wxListEvent These macros handle wxListCtrl events.
wxMenuEvent These macros handle special menu events (not menu commands).
wxMouseEvent Mouse event macros can handle either individual mouse events or all mouse events.
wxMoveEvent The EVT_MOVE macro is used to handle a window move.
wxPaintEvent The EVT_PAINT macro is used to handle window paint requests.
wxScrollEvent These macros are used to handle scroll events from wxScrollBar, wxSlider,and wxSpinButton.
wxSetCursorEvent The EVT_SET_CURSOR macro is used for special cursor processing.
wxSizeEvent The EVT_SIZE macro is used to handle a window resize.
wxSplitterEvent The EVT_SPLITTER_SASH_POS_CHANGED, EVT_SPLITTER_UNSPLIT and EVT_SPLITTER_DCLICK macros are used to handle the various splitter window events.
wxSysColourChangedEvent The EVT_SYS_COLOUR_CHANGED macro is used to handle events informing the application that the user has changed the system colours (Windows only).
wxTreeEvent These macros handle wxTreeCtrl events.
wxUpdateUIEvent The EVT_UPDATE_UI macro is used to handle user interface update pseudo-events, which are generated to give the application the chance to update the visual state of menus, toolbars and controls.

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