wxDebugContext overview

See Debugging overview.

Class: wxDebugContext

wxDebugContext is a class for performing various debugging and memory tracing operations.

This class has only static data and function members, and there should be no instances. Probably the most useful members are SetFile (for directing output to a file, instead of the default standard error or debugger output); Dump (for dumping the dynamically allocated objects) and PrintStatistics (for dumping information about allocation of objects). You can also call Check to check memory blocks for integrity.

Here's an example of use. The SetCheckpoint ensures that only the allocations done after the checkpoint will be dumped.



  wxString *thing = new wxString;

  char *ordinaryNonObject = new char[1000];


You can use wxDebugContext if __WXDEBUG__ is defined, or you can use it at any other time (if wxUSE_DEBUG_CONTEXT is set to 1 in setup.h). It is not disabled in non-debug mode because you may not wish to recompile wxWidgets and your entire application just to make use of the error logging facility.

Note: wxDebugContext::SetFile has a problem at present, so use the default stream instead. Eventually the logging will be done through the wxLog facilities instead.

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