wxBitmapDataObject is a specialization of wxDataObject for bitmap data. It can be used without change to paste data into the wxClipboard or a wxDropSource. A user may wish to derive a new class from this class for providing a bitmap on-demand in order to minimize memory consumption when offering data in several formats, such as a bitmap and GIF.

wxPython での注意点: If you wish to create a derived wxBitmapDataObject class in wxPython you should derive the class from wxPyBitmapDataObject in order to get Python-aware capabilities for the various virtual methods.

Virtual functions to override

This class may be used as is, but GetBitmap may be overridden to increase efficiency.

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See also

Clipboard and drag and drop overview, wxDataObject, wxDataObjectSimple, wxFileDataObject, wxTextDataObject, wxDataObject

wxBitmapDataObject(const wxBitmap& bitmap = wxNullBitmap)

Constructor, optionally passing a bitmap (otherwise use SetBitmap later).


virtual wxBitmap GetBitmap(void) const

Returns the bitmap associated with the data object. You may wish to override this method when offering data on-demand, but this is not required by wxWidgets' internals. Use this method to get data in bitmap form from the wxClipboard.


virtual void SetBitmap(const wxBitmap& bitmap)

Sets the bitmap associated with the data object. This method is called when the data object receives data. Usually there will be no reason to override this function.

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