wxString is a class which represents a character string of arbitrary length (limited by MAX_INT which is usually 2147483647 on 32 bit machines) and containing arbitrary characters. The ASCII NUL character is allowed, but be aware that in the current string implementation some methods might not work correctly in this case.

wxString works with both ASCII (traditional, 7 or 8 bit, characters) as well as Unicode (wide characters) strings.

This class has all the standard operations you can expect to find in a string class: dynamic memory management (string extends to accommodate new characters), construction from other strings, C strings and characters, assignment operators, access to individual characters, string concatenation and comparison, substring extraction, case conversion, trimming and padding (with spaces), searching and replacing and both C-like Printf() and stream-like insertion functions as well as much more - see wxString for a list of all functions.

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日