Input stream for reading zip files.

GetNextEntry() returns an wxZipEntry object containing the meta-data for the next entry in the zip (and gives away ownership). Reading from the wxZipInputStream then returns the entry's data. Eof() becomes true after an attempt has been made to read past the end of the entry's data. When there are no more entries, GetNextEntry() returns NULL and sets Eof().

Note that in general zip entries are not seekable, and wxZipInputStream::SeekI() always returns wxInvalidOffset.

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Data structures

typedef wxZipEntry entry_type

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Archive formats such as zip

wxZipInputStream(wxInputStream& stream, wxMBConv& conv = wxConvLocal)

Constructor. In a Unicode build the second parameter conv is used to translate the filename and comment fields into Unicode. It has no effect on the stream's data.


wxZipInputStream(const wxString& archive, const wxString& file)


When this constructor is used, an emulation of seeking is switched on for compatibility with previous versions. Note however, that it is deprecated.


bool CloseEntry(void)

Closes the current entry. On a non-seekable stream reads to the end of the current entry first.


wxString GetComment(void)

Returns the zip comment.

This is stored at the end of the zip, therefore when reading a zip from a non-seekable stream, it returns the empty string until the end of the zip has been reached, i.e. when GetNextEntry() returns NULL.


wxZipEntry* GetNextEntry(void)

Closes the current entry if one is open, then reads the meta-data for the next entry and returns it in a wxZipEntry object, giving away ownership. The stream is then open and can be read.


int GetTotalEntries(void)

For a zip on a seekable stream returns the total number of entries in the zip. For zips on non-seekable streams returns the number of entries returned so far by GetNextEntry().


bool OpenEntry(wxZipEntry& entry)

Closes the current entry if one is open, then opens the entry specified by the entry object.

entry should be from the same zip file, and the zip should be on a seekable stream.

See also

Looking up an archive entry by name

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