wxStackFrame represents a single stack frame, or a single function in the call stack, and is used exclusively together with wxStackWalker, see there for a more detailed discussion.

Derived from

No base class

Include files


Only available if wxUSE_STACKWALKER is $1$, currently only implemented for Win32 and Unix versions using recent version of GNU libc.

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void* GetAddress(void) const

Return the address of this frame.


wxString GetFileName(void) const

Return the name of the file containing this frame, empty if unavailable (typically because debug info is missing).

Use HasSourceLocation to check whether the file name is available.


size_t GetLevel(void) const

Get the level of this frame (deepest/innermost one is $0$).


size_t GetLine(void) const

Return the line number of this frame, $0$ if unavailable.

See also



wxString GetModule(void) const

Get the module this function belongs to (empty if not available).


wxString GetName(void) const

Return the unmangled (if possible) name of the function containing this frame.


size_t GetOffset(void) const

Return the return address of this frame.


bool GetParam(size_t n, wxString * type, wxString * name, wxString * value) const

Get the name, type and value (in text form) of the given parameter. Any pointer may be NULL if you're not interested in the corresponding value.

Return TRUEif at least some values could be retrieved.

This function currently is only implemented under Win32 and requires a PDB file.


size_t GetParamCount(void) const

Return the number of parameters of this function (may return $0$ if we can't retrieve the parameters info even although the function does have parameters).


bool HasSourceLocation(void) const

Return TRUEif we have the file name and line number for this frame.

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