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wxSocketServer(wxSockAddress& address, wxSocketFlags flags = wxSOCKET_NONE)

Constructs a new server and tries to bind to the specified address. Before trying to accept new connections, test whether it succeeded with wxSocketBase::Ok.


Specifies the local address for the server (e.g. port number).

Socket flags (See wxSocketBase::SetFlags)



Destructor (it doesn't close the accepted connections).


wxSocketBase * Accept(bool wait = true)

Accepts an incoming connection request, and creates a new wxSocketBase object which represents the server-side of the connection.

If wait is true and there are no pending connections to be accepted, it will wait for the next incoming connection to arrive. Warning: This will block the GUI.

If wait is false, it will try to accept a pending connection if there is one, but it will always return immediately without blocking the GUI. If you want to use Accept in this way, you can either check for incoming connections with WaitForAccept or catch wxSOCKET_CONNECTION events, then call Accept once you know that there is an incoming connection waiting to be accepted.

Return value

Returns an opened socket connection, or NULL if an error occurred or if the wait parameter was false and there were no pending connections.

See also

wxSocketServer::WaitForAccept, wxSocketBase::SetNotify, wxSocketBase::Notify, wxSocketServer::AcceptWith


bool AcceptWith(wxSocketBase& socket, bool wait = true)

Accept an incoming connection using the specified socket object.


Socket to be initialized

Return value

Returns true on success, or false if an error occurred or if the wait parameter was false and there were no pending connections.

wxSocketServer::WaitForAccept, wxSocketBase::SetNotify, wxSocketBase::Notify, wxSocketServer::Accept


bool WaitForAccept(long seconds = -1, long millisecond = 0)

This function waits for an incoming connection. Use it if you want to call Accept or AcceptWith with wait set to false, to detect when an incoming connection is waiting to be accepted.


Number of seconds to wait. If -1, it will wait for the default timeout, as set with SetTimeout.

Number of milliseconds to wait.

Return value

Returns true if an incoming connection arrived, false if the timeout elapsed.

See also

wxSocketServer::Accept, wxSocketServer::AcceptWith, wxSocketBase::InterruptWait

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