A size event holds information about size change events.

The EVT_SIZE handler function will be called when the window has been resized.

You may wish to use this for frames to resize their child windows as appropriate.

Note that the size passed is of the whole window: call wxWindow::GetClientSize for the area which may be used by the application.

When a window is resized, usually only a small part of the window is damaged and you may only need to repaint that area. However, if your drawing depends on the size of the window, you may need to clear the DC explicitly and repaint the whole window. In which case, you may need to call wxWindow::Refresh to invalidate the entire window.

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Event table macros

To process a size event, use this event handler macro to direct input to a member function that takes a wxSizeEvent argument.

EVT_SIZE(func) Process a wxEVT_SIZE event.

See also

wxSize, Event handling overview


wxSizeEvent(const wxSize& sz, int id = 0)



wxSize GetSize(void) const

Returns the entire size of the window generating the size change event.

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