This simple struct represents the wxRendererNative interface version and is only used as the return value of wxRendererNative::GetVersion.

The version has two components: the version itself and the age. If the main program and the renderer have different versions they are never compatible with each other because the version is only changed when an existing virtual function is modified or removed. The age, on the other hand, is incremented each time a new virtual method is added and so, at least for the compilers using a common C++ object model, the calling program is compatible with any renderer which has the age greater or equal to its age. This verification is done by IsCompatible method.

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static bool IsCompatible(const wxRendererVersion& ver)

Checks if the main program is compatible with the renderer having the version ver, returns TRUEif it is and FALSEotherwise.

This method is used by wxRendererNative::Load to determine whether a renderer can be used.


const int version

The version component.


const int age

The age component.

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