This defines the wxWidgets Encapsulated PostScript device context, which can write PostScript files on any platform. See wxDC for descriptions of the member functions.

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wxPostScriptDC(const wxPrintData& printData)

Constructs a PostScript printer device context from a wxPrintData object.

wxPostScriptDC(const wxString& output, bool interactive = true,
wxWindow * parent)

Constructor. output is an optional file for printing to, and if interactive is true a dialog box will be displayed for adjusting various parameters. parent is the parent of the printer dialog box.

Use the Ok member to test whether the constructor was successful in creating a usable device context.

See Printer settings for functions to set and get PostScript printing settings.

This constructor and the global printer settings are now deprecated; use the wxPrintData constructor instead.


static void SetResolution(int ppi)

Set resolution (in pixels per inch) that will be used in PostScript output. Default is 720ppi.


static int GetResolution(void)

Return resolution used in PostScript output. See SetResolution.

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