This class is used for idle events, which are generated when the system is idle.

By default, idle events are sent to all windows. If this is causing a significant overhead in your application, you can call wxIdleEvent::SetMode with the value wxIDLE_PROCESS_SPECIFIED, and set the wxWS_EX_PROCESS_IDLE extra window style for every window which should receive idle events.

The function wxWindow::OnInternalIdle is also provided for internal purposes, and cannot be disabled. wxUpdateUIEvents are sent from OnInternalIdle.

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Event table macros

To process an idle event, use this event handler macro to direct input to a member function that takes a wxIdleEvent argument.

EVT_IDLE(func) Process a wxEVT_IDLE event.


Idle events can be caught by the wxApp class, or by top-level window classes.

See also

Event handling overview, wxUpdateUIEvent, wxWindow::OnInternalIdle





static bool CanSend(wxWindow* window)

Returns true if it is appropriate to send idle events to this window.

This function looks at the mode used (see wxIdleEvent::SetMode), and the wxWS_EX_PROCESS_IDLE style in window to determine whether idle events should be sent to this window now. By default this will always return true because the update mode is initially wxIDLE_PROCESS_ALL. You can change the mode to only send idle events to windows with the wxWS_EX_PROCESS_IDLE extra window style set.

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static wxIdleMode GetMode(void)

Static function returning a value specifying how wxWidgets will send idle events: to all windows, or only to those which specify that they will process the events.

See wxIdleEvent::SetMode.


void RequestMore(bool needMore = true)

Tells wxWidgets that more processing is required. This function can be called by an OnIdle handler for a window or window event handler to indicate that wxApp::OnIdle should forward the OnIdle event once more to the application windows. If no window calls this function during OnIdle, then the application will remain in a passive event loop (not calling OnIdle) until a new event is posted to the application by the windowing system.

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bool MoreRequested(void) const

Returns true if the OnIdle function processing this event requested more processing time.

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static void SetMode(wxIdleMode mode)

Static function for specifying how wxWidgets will send idle events: to all windows, or only to those which specify that they will process the events.

mode can be one of the following values. The default is wxIDLE_PROCESS_ALL.

enum wxIdleMode
        // Send idle events to all windows

        // Send idle events to windows that have
        // the wxWS_EX_PROCESS_IDLE flag specified
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