wxFindReplaceData holds the data for wxFindReplaceDialog. It is used to initialize the dialog with the default values and will keep the last values from the dialog when it is closed. It is also updated each time a wxFindDialogEvent is generated so instead of using the wxFindDialogEvent methods you can also directly query this object.

Note that all SetXXX() methods may only be called before showing the dialog and calling them has no effect later.

Include files

#include <wx/fdrepdlg.h>

Derived from


Data structures

Flags used by wxFindReplaceData::GetFlags() and wxFindDialogEvent::GetFlags():

enum wxFindReplaceFlags
    // downward search/replace selected (otherwise - upwards)
    wxFR_DOWN       = 1,

    // whole word search/replace selected
    wxFR_WHOLEWORD  = 2,

    // case sensitive search/replace selected (otherwise - case insensitive)
    wxFR_MATCHCASE  = 4

These flags can be specified in wxFindReplaceDialog ctor or Create():

enum wxFindReplaceDialogStyles
    // replace dialog (otherwise find dialog)

    // don't allow changing the search direction
    wxFR_NOUPDOWN      = 2,

    // don't allow case sensitive searching
    wxFR_NOMATCHCASE   = 4,

    // don't allow whole word searching
    wxFR_NOWHOLEWORD   = 8


wxFindReplaceData(wxUint32 flags = 0)

Constuctor initializes the flags to default value ($0$).


const wxString& GetFindString(void)

Get the string to find.


const wxString& GetReplaceString(void)

Get the replacement string.


int GetFlags(void) const

Get the combination of wxFindReplaceFlags values.


void SetFlags(wxUint32 flags)

Set the flags to use to initialize the controls of the dialog.


void SetFindString(const wxString& str)

Set the string to find (used as initial value by the dialog).


void SetReplaceString(const wxString& str)

Set the replacement string (used as initial value by the dialog).

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