This class represents data written to a file. There are actually two such groups of classes: this one is based on wxFFile whereas wxFileInputStream is based in the wxFile class.

Note that wxFile and wxFFile differ in one aspect, namely when to report that the end of the file has been reached. This is documented in wxFile::Eof and wxFFile::Eof and the behaviour of the stream classes reflects this difference, i.e. wxFileInputStream will report wxSTREAM_EOF after having read the last byte whereas wxFFileInputStream will report wxSTREAM_EOF after trying to read past the last byte. Related to EOF behavior, note that SeekO() can seek beyond the end of the stream (file) and will thus not return wxInvalidOffset for that.

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wxBufferedOutputStream, wxFFileInputStream, wxFileInputStream


wxFFileOutputStream(const wxString& filename, const wxChar * mode="w+b")

Opens the file with the given filename name in the specified mode.

wxFFileOutputStream(wxFFile& file)

Initializes a file stream in write-only mode using the file I/O object file.

wxFFileOutputStream(FILE * fp)

Initializes a file stream in write-only mode using the file descriptor fp.





bool Ok(void) const

Returns true if the stream is initialized and ready.

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