This class presents the debug report to the user and allows him to veto report entirely or remove some parts of it. Although not mandatory, using this class is strongly recommended as data included in the debug report might contain sensitive private information and the user should be notified about it as well as having a possibility to examine the data which had been gathered to check whether this is effectively the case and discard the debug report if it is.

wxDebugReportPreview is an abstract base class, currently the only concrete class deriving from it is wxDebugReportPreviewStd.

Derived from

No base class

Include files




Trivial default constructor.



dtor is trivial as well but should be virtual for a base class


bool Show(wxDebugReport& dbgrpt) const

Present the report to the user and allow him to modify it by removing some or all of the files and, potentially, adding some notes. Return TRUEif the report should be processed or FALSEif the user chose to cancel report generation or removed all files from it.

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日