Used with the wxDb::GetColumns functions for obtaining all retrievable information about a column's definition.

    wxChar       catalog[128+1];
    wxChar       schema[128+1];
    wxChar       tableName[DB_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN+1];
    wxChar       colName[DB_MAX_COLUMN_NAME_LEN+1];
    SWORD        sqlDataType;
    wxChar       typeName[128+1];
    SWORD        columnSize;
    SWORD        bufferLength;
    short        decimalDigits;
    short        numPrecRadix;
    short        nullable;
    wxChar       remarks[254+1];
    int          dbDataType;  // conversion of the 'sqlDataType'
                              // to the generic data type used by
                              // these classes
    int          PkCol;       // Primary key column
                                    0 = No
                                    1 = First Key
                                    2 = Second Key, etc...
    wxChar       PkTableName[DB_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN+1];
                              // Tables that use this PKey as a FKey
    int          FkCol;       // Foreign key column
                                    0 = No
                                    1 = First Key
                                    2 = Second Key, etc...
    wxChar       FkTableName[DB_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN+1];
                              // Foreign key table name
    wxDbColFor  *pColFor;     // How should this column be formatted

The constructor for this class initializes all the values to zero, "", or NULL.

The destructor for this class takes care of deleting the pColFor member if it is non-NULL.

See the database classes overview for an introduction to using the ODBC classes.

Include files



Simply initializes all member variables to a cleared state. Called by the constructor automatically.

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