Beginning support for handling international formatting specifically on dates and floats.

    wxString       s_Field;       // Formated String for Output
    wxString       s_Format[7];   // Formated Objects - TIMESTAMP has
                                     the biggest (7)
    wxString       s_Amount[7];   // Formated Objects - amount of
                                     things that can be formatted
    int            i_Amount[7];   // Formated Objects -
                                        TT MM YYYY HH MM SS m
    int            i_Nation;      // 0 = timestamp
                                     1 = EU
                                     2 = UK
                                     3 = International
                                     4 = US
    int            i_dbDataType;  // conversion of the 'sqlDataType'
                                     to the generic data type used by
                                     these classes
    SWORD          i_sqlDataType;

The constructor for this class initializes all the values to zero or NULL.

The destructor does nothing at this time.

Only one function is provided with this class currently.

See the database classes overview for an introduction to using the ODBC classes.

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int Format(int Nation, int dbDataType, SWORD sqlDataType, short columnSize, short decimalDigits)

Work in progress, and should be inter-related with wxLocale eventually.


Simply initializes all member variables to a cleared state. Called by the constructor automatically.

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