A wxDb instance is a connection to an ODBC datasource which may be opened, closed, and re-opened an unlimited number of times. A database connection allows function to be performed directly on the datasource, as well as allowing access to any tables/views defined in the datasource to which the user has sufficient privileges.

See the database classes overview for an introduction to using the ODBC classes.

Include files


Helper classes and data structures

The following classes and structs are defined in db.cpp/.h for use with the wxDb class.


NOTE: In a future release, all ODBC class constants will be prefaced with 'wx'.

    wxDB_PATH_MAX           Maximum path length allowed to be passed to
                            the ODBC driver to indicate where the data
                            file(s) are located.

    DB_MAX_COLUMN_NAME_LEN  Maximum supported length for the name of a

    DB_MAX_ERROR_HISTORY    Maximum number of error messages retained in
                            the queue before being overwritten by new

    DB_MAX_ERROR_MSG_LEN    Maximum supported length of an error message
                            returned by the ODBC classes

    DB_MAX_STATEMENT_LEN    Maximum supported length for a complete SQL
                            statement to be passed to the ODBC driver

    DB_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN   Maximum supported length for the name of a

    DB_MAX_WHERE_CLAUSE_LEN Maximum supported WHERE clause length that
                            can be passed to the ODBC driver

    DB_TYPE_NAME_LEN        Maximum length of the name of a column's
                            data type

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