wxDataObjectComposite is the simplest wxDataObject derivation which may be used to support multiple formats. It contains several wxDataObjectSimple objects and supports any format supported by at least one of them. Only one of these data objects is preferred (the first one if not explicitly changed by using the second parameter of Add) and its format determines the preferred format of the composite data object as well.

See wxDataObject documentation for the reasons why you might prefer to use wxDataObject directly instead of wxDataObjectComposite for efficiency reasons.

Virtual functions to override

None, this class should be used directly.

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See also

Clipboard and drag and drop overview, wxDataObject, wxDataObjectSimple, wxFileDataObject, wxTextDataObject, wxBitmapDataObject



The default constructor.


void Add( wxDataObjectSimple *dataObject, bool preferred = false)

Adds the dataObject to the list of supported objects and it becomes the preferred object if preferred is true.

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