This class uses wxHtmlHelpController to display help in a modal dialog. This is useful on platforms such as wxMac where if you display help from a modal dialog, the help window must itself be a modal dialog.
Create objects of this class on the stack, for example:
    // The help can be browsed during the lifetime of this object; when the user quits
    // the help, program execution will continue.
    wxHtmlModalHelp help(parent, wxT("help"), wxT("My topic"));

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wxHtmlModalHelp(wxWindow* parent, const wxString& helpFile, const wxString& topic = wxEmptyString, int style = wxHF_DEFAULT_STYLE | wxHF_DIALOG | wxHF_MODAL)


parent is the parent of the dialog.
helpFile is the HTML help file to show.
topic is an optional topic. If this is empty, the help contents will be shown.
style is a combination of the flags described in the wxHtmlHelpController documentation.