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wxGrid classes overview

Classes: wxGrid

Getting started: a simple example
A more complex example
How the wxGrid classes relate to each other
Keyboard and mouse actions


wxGrid and its related classes are used for displaying and editing tabular data.

Getting started: a simple example

For simple applications you need only refer to the wxGrid class in your code. This example shows how you might create a grid in a frame or dialog constructor and illustrates some of the formatting functions.

    // Create a wxGrid object
    grid = new wxGrid( this,
                       wxPoint( 0, 0 ),
                       wxSize( 400, 300 ) );

    // Then we call CreateGrid to set the dimensions of the grid
    // (100 rows and 10 columns in this example)
    grid->CreateGrid( 100, 10 );

    // We can set the sizes of individual rows and columns
    // in pixels
    grid->SetRowSize( 0, 60 );
    grid->SetColSize( 0, 120 );
    // And set grid cell contents as strings
    grid->SetCellValue( 0, 0, "wxGrid is good" );

    // We can specify that some cells are read-only
    grid->SetCellValue( 0, 3, "This is read-only" );
    grid->SetReadOnly( 0, 3 );

    // Colours can be specified for grid cell contents
    grid->SetCellValue(3, 3, "green on grey");
    grid->SetCellTextColour(3, 3, *wxGREEN);
    grid->SetCellBackgroundColour(3, 3, *wxLIGHT_GREY);

    // We can specify the some cells will store numeric 
    // values rather than strings. Here we set grid column 5 
    // to hold floating point values displayed with width of 6 
    // and precision of 2
    grid->SetColFormatFloat(5, 6, 2);
    grid->SetCellValue(0, 6, "3.1415");

A more complex example

Yet to be written

How the wxGrid classes relate to each other

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Keyboard and mouse actions

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