This event class contains information about window and session close events.

The handler function for EVT_CLOSE is called when the user has tried to close a a frame or dialog box using the window manager (X) or system menu (Windows). It can also be invoked by the application itself programmatically, for example by calling the wxWindow::Close function.

You should check whether the application is forcing the deletion of the window using wxCloseEvent::CanVeto. If this is false, you must destroy the window using wxWindow::Destroy. If the return value is true, it is up to you whether you respond by destroying the window.

If you don't destroy the window, you should call wxCloseEvent::Veto to let the calling code know that you did not destroy the window. This allows the wxWindow::Close function to return true or false depending on whether the close instruction was honoured or not.

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Event table macros

To process a close event, use these event handler macros to direct input to member functions that take a wxCloseEvent argument.

EVT_CLOSE(func) Process a close event, supplying the member function. This event applies to wxFrame and wxDialog classes.
EVT_QUERY_END_SESSION(func) Process a query end session event, supplying the member function. This event applies to wxApp only.
EVT_END_SESSION(func) Process an end session event, supplying the member function. This event applies to wxApp only.

See also

wxWindow::Close, Window deletion overview


wxCloseEvent(WXTYPE commandEventType = 0, int id = 0)



bool CanVeto(void)

Returns true if you can veto a system shutdown or a window close event. Vetoing a window close event is not possible if the calling code wishes to force the application to exit, and so this function must be called to check this.


bool GetLoggingOff(void) const

Returns true if the user is logging off.


bool GetForce(void) const

Returns true if the application wishes to force the window to close. This will shortly be obsolete, replaced by CanVeto.


void SetCanVeto(bool canVeto)

Sets the 'can veto' flag.


void SetForce(bool force) const

Sets the 'force' flag.


void SetLoggingOff(bool loggingOff) const

Sets the 'logging off' flag.


void Veto(bool veto = true)

Call this from your event handler to veto a system shutdown or to signal to the calling application that a window close did not happen.

You can only veto a shutdown if wxCloseEvent::CanVeto returns true.

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