Environment variables

This section describes all environment variables that affect execution of wxWidgets programs.


(Debug build only.) This variable can be set to a comma-separated list of trace masks used in wxLogTrace calls; wxLog::AddTraceMask is called for every mask in the list during wxWidgets initialization.
WXPREFIX (Unix only.) Overrides installation prefix. Normally, the prefix is hard-coded and is the same as the value passed to configure via the -prefix switch when compiling the library (typically /usr/local or /usr). You can set WXPREFIX if you are for example distributing a binary version of an application and you don't know in advance where it will be installed.
WXMODE (wxMGL only.) Sets MGL video mode. The value must be in form widthxheight-depth. The default is 640x480-16.
WXSTDERR (wxMGL only.) Redirects stderr output to a file.

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