wxHTML overview

This topic was written by Vaclav Slavik, the author of the wxHTML library.

The wxHTML library provides classes for parsing and displaying HTML.

It is not intended to be a high-end HTML browser. If you are looking for something like that try http://www.mozilla.org (#2).

wxHTML can be used as a generic rich text viewer - for example to display a nice About Box (like those of GNOME apps) or to display the result of database searching. There is a wxFileSystem class which allows you to use your own virtual file systems.

wxHtmlWindow supports tag handlers. This means that you can easily extend wxHtml library with new, unsupported tags. Not only that, you can even use your own application-specific tags! See src/html/m_*.cpp files for details.

There is a generic wxHtmlParser class, independent of wxHtmlWindow.

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