wxODBC - Compiling

The wxWidgets setup.h file has several settings in it pertaining to compiling the wxODBC classes.

wxUSE_ODBC This must be set to 1 in order for the compiler to compile the wxODBC classes. Without setting this to 1, there will be no access to any of the wxODBC classes. The default is 0.
wxODBC_FWD_ONLY_CURSORS When a new database connection is requested, this setting controls the default of whether the connection allows only forward scrolling cursors, or forward and backward scrolling cursors (see the section in "WHERE TO START" on cursors for more information on cursors). This default can be overridden by passing a second parameter to either the wxDbGetConnection or wxDb constructor. The default is 1.
wxODBC_BACKWARD_COMPATABILITY Between v2.0 and 2.2, massive renaming efforts were done to the ODBC classes to get naming conventions similar to those used throughout wxWidgets, as well as to preface all wxODBC classes names and functions with a wxDb preface. Because this renaming would affect applications written using the v2.0 names, this compile-time directive was added to allow those programs written for v2.0 to still compile using the old naming conventions. These deprecated names are all #define'd to their corresponding new function names at the end of the db.cpp/dbtable.cpp source files. These deprecated class/function names should not be used in future development, as at some point in the future they will be removed. The default is 0.

Under MS Windows

You are required to include the "odbc32.lib" provided by your compiler vendor in the list of external libraries to be linked in. If using the makefiles supplied with wxWidgets, this library should already be included for use with makefile.b32, makefile.vc, and makefile.g95.

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Under Unix -with-odbc flag for configure

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