wxODBC - Configuring your system for ODBC use

Before you are able to access a datasource, you must have installed and configured an ODBC driver. Doing this is system specific, so it will not be covered in detail here. But here are a few details to get you started.

Most database vendors provide at least a minimal ODBC driver with their database product. In practice, many of these drivers have proven to be slow and/or incomplete. Rumour has it that this is because the vendors do not want you using the ODBC interface to their products; they want you to use their applications to access the data.

Whatever the reason, for database-intensive applications, you may want to consider using a third-party ODBC driver for your needs. One example of a third-party set of ODBC drivers that has been heavily tested and used is Rogue Wave's drivers. Rogue Wave has drivers available for many different platforms and databases.

Under Microsoft Windows, install the ODBC driver you are planning to use. You will then use the ODBC Administrator in the Control Panel to configure an instance of the driver for your intended datasource. Note that with all flavors of NT, this configuration can be set up as a System or User DSN (datasource name). Configuring it as a system resource will make it available to all users (if you are logged in as 'administrator'), otherwise the datasource will only be available to the user who configured the DSN.

Under Unix, iODBC is used for implementation of the ODBC API. To compile the wxODBC classes, you must first obtain iODBC from http://www.iodbc.org (#2) and install it. (Note: wxWidgets currently includes a version of iODBC.) Then you must create the file " /.odbc.ini" (or optionally create "/etc/odbc.ini" for access for all users on the system). This file contains the settings for your system/datasource. Below is an example section of a odbc.ini file for use with the "samples/db" sample program using MySQL:

        Trace    = Off
        TraceFile= stderr
        Driver   = /usr/local/lib/libmyodbc.so
        DSN      = contacts
        SERVER   =
        USER     = qet
        PASSWORD = 
        PORT     = 3306

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