wxFileHistory overview

See Document/view framework overview.

Classes: wxFileHistory, wxDocManager

wxFileHistory encapsulates functionality to record the last few files visited, and to allow the user to quickly load these files using the list appended to the File menu.

Although wxFileHistory is used by wxDocManager, it can be used independently. You may wish to derive from it to allow different behaviour, such as popping up a scrolling list of files.

By calling wxFileHistory::FileHistoryUseMenu you can associate a file menu with the file history, that will be used for appending the filenames. They are appended using menu identifiers in the range wxID_FILE1 to wxID_FILE9.

In order to respond to a file load command from one of these identifiers, you need to handle them using an event handler, for example:

BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(wxDocParentFrame, wxFrame)
    EVT_MENU(wxID_EXIT, wxDocParentFrame::OnExit)
    EVT_MENU_RANGE(wxID_FILE1, wxID_FILE9, wxDocParentFrame::OnMRUFile)

void wxDocParentFrame::OnExit(wxCommandEvent& WXUNUSED(event))

void wxDocParentFrame::OnMRUFile(wxCommandEvent& event)
      wxString f(m_docManager->GetHistoryFile(event.GetId() - wxID_FILE1));
      if (f != "")
        (void)m_docManager->CreateDocument(f, wxDOC_SILENT);

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