As a convenience, CreateButtonSizer ( long flags ) can be used to create a standard button sizer in which standard buttons are displayed. The following flags can be passed to this function:

    wxYES_NO // Add Yes/No subpanel
    wxYES    // return wxID_YES
    wxNO     // return wxID_NO
    wxNO_DEFAULT // make the wxNO button the default, otherwise wxYES or wxOK button will be default
    wxOK     // return wxID_OK
    wxCANCEL // return wxID_CANCEL
    wxHELP   // return wxID_HELP
    wxFORWARD   // return wxID_FORWARD  
    wxBACKWARD  // return wxID_BACKWARD 
    wxSETUP     // return wxID_SETUP    
    wxMORE      // return wxID_MORE

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日