Example 2: panel item layout

This example sizes a button width to 80 percent of the panel width, and centres it horizontally. A listbox and multitext item are placed below it. The listbox takes up 40 percent of the panel width, and the multitext item takes up the remainder of the width. Margins of 5 pixels are used.

  // Create some panel items
  wxButton *btn1 = new wxButton(frame->panel, -1, "A button") ;

  wxLayoutConstraints *b1 = new wxLayoutConstraints;
  b1->centreX.SameAs    (frame->panel, wxCentreX);
  b1->top.SameAs        (frame->panel, wxTop, 5);
  b1->width.PercentOf   (frame->panel, wxWidth, 80);
  b1->height.PercentOf  (frame->panel, wxHeight, 10);

  wxListBox *list = new wxListBox(frame->panel, -1, "A list",
                                  wxPoint(-1, -1), wxSize(200, 100));

  wxLayoutConstraints *b2 = new wxLayoutConstraints;
  b2->top.Below         (btn1, 5);
  b2->left.SameAs       (frame->panel, wxLeft, 5);
  b2->width.PercentOf   (frame->panel, wxWidth, 40);
  b2->bottom.SameAs     (frame->panel, wxBottom, 5);

  wxTextCtrl *mtext = new wxTextCtrl(frame->panel, -1, "Multiline text", "Some text",
                        wxPoint(-1, -1), wxSize(150, 100), wxTE_MULTILINE);

  wxLayoutConstraints *b3 = new wxLayoutConstraints;
  b3->top.Below         (btn1, 5);
  b3->left.RightOf      (list, 5);
  b3->right.SameAs      (frame->panel, wxRight, 5);
  b3->bottom.SameAs     (frame->panel, wxBottom, 5);

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