Example 1: subwindow layout

This example specifies a panel and a window side by side, with a text subwindow below it.

  frame->panel = new wxPanel(frame, -1, wxPoint(0, 0), wxSize(1000, 500), 0);
  frame->scrollWindow = new MyScrolledWindow(frame, -1, wxPoint(0, 0), wxSize(400, 400), wxRETAINED);
  frame->text_window = new MyTextWindow(frame, -1, wxPoint(0, 250), wxSize(400, 250));

  // Set constraints for panel subwindow
  wxLayoutConstraints *c1 = new wxLayoutConstraints;

  c1->left.SameAs       (frame, wxLeft);
  c1->top.SameAs        (frame, wxTop);
  c1->right.PercentOf   (frame, wxWidth, 50);
  c1->height.PercentOf  (frame, wxHeight, 50);


  // Set constraints for scrollWindow subwindow
  wxLayoutConstraints *c2 = new wxLayoutConstraints;

  c2->left.SameAs       (frame->panel, wxRight);
  c2->top.SameAs        (frame, wxTop);
  c2->right.SameAs      (frame, wxRight);
  c2->height.PercentOf  (frame, wxHeight, 50);


  // Set constraints for text subwindow
  wxLayoutConstraints *c3 = new wxLayoutConstraints;
  c3->left.SameAs       (frame, wxLeft);
  c3->top.Below         (frame->panel);
  c3->right.SameAs      (frame, wxRight);
  c3->bottom.SameAs     (frame, wxBottom);


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