Controls sample

The controls sample is the main test program for most simple controls used in wxWidgets. The sample tests their basic functionality, events, placement, modification in terms of colour and font as well as the possibility to change the controls programmatically, such as adding an item to a list box etc. Apart from that, the sample uses a wxNotebook and tests most features of this special control (using bitmap in the tabs, using wxSizers and constraints within notebook pages, advancing pages programmatically and vetoing a page change by intercepting the wxNotebookEvent.

The various controls tested are listed here:

wxButton Push button control, displaying text
wxBitmapButton Push button control, displaying a bitmap
wxCheckBox Checkbox control
wxChoice Choice control (a combobox without the editable area)
wxComboBox A choice with an editable area
wxGauge A control to represent a varying quantity, such as time remaining
wxStaticBox A static, or group box for visually grouping related controls
wxListBox A list of strings for single or multiple selection
wxSpinCtrl A spin ctrl with a text field and a `up-down' control
wxSpinButton A spin or `up-down' control
wxStaticText One or more lines of non-editable text
wxStaticBitmap A control to display a bitmap
wxRadioBox A group of radio buttons
wxRadioButton A round button to be used with others in a mutually exclusive way
wxSlider A slider that can be dragged by the user

ymasuda 平成17年11月19日