wxWizardEvent class represents an event generated by the wizard: this event is first sent to the page itself and, if not processed there, goes up the window hierarchy as usual.

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Event table macros

To process input from a wizard dialog, use these event handler macros to direct input to member functions that take a wxWizardEvent argument.

EVT_WIZARD_PAGE_CHANGED(id, func) The page has been just changed (this event can not be vetoed).
EVT_WIZARD_PAGE_CHANGING(id, func) The page is being changed (this event can be vetoed).
EVT_WIZARD_CANCEL(id, func) The user attempted to cancel the wizard (this event may also be vetoed).
EVT_WIZARD_HELP(id, func) The wizard help button was pressed.
EVT_WIZARD_FINISHED(id, func) The wizard finished button was pressed.

See also

wxWizard, wxWizard sample


wxWizardEvent(wxEventType type = wxEVT_NULL, int id = -1, bool direction = true)

Constructor. It is not normally used by the user code as the objects of this type are constructed by wxWizard.


bool GetDirection(void) const

Return the direction in which the page is changing: for EVT_WIZARD_PAGE_CHANGING, return true if we're going forward or false otherwise and for EVT_WIZARD_PAGE_CHANGED return true if we came from the previous page and false if we returned from the next one.


wxWizardPage* GetPage(void) const

Returns the wxWizardPage which was active when this event was generated.

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