This event class is used for the events generated by wxSpinButton and wxSpinCtrl.

Derived from


Include files

<wx/spinbutt.h> or <wx/spinctrl.h>

Event handling

To process input from a spin button, use one of these event handler macros to direct input to member functions that take a wxSpinEvent argument:

EVT_SPIN(id, func) Generated whenever an arrow is pressed.
EVT_SPIN_UP(id, func) Generated when left/up arrow is pressed.
EVT_SPIN_DOWN(id, func) Generated when right/down arrow is pressed.

Note that if you handle both SPIN and UP or DOWN events, you will be notified about each of them twice: first the UP/DOWN event will be receieved and then, if it wasn't vetoed, the SPIN event will be sent.

See also

wxSpinButton and wxSpinCtrl


wxSpinEvent(wxEventType commandType = wxEVT_NULL, int id = 0)

The constructor is not normally used by the user code.


int GetPosition(void) const

Retrieve the current spin button or control value.


void SetPosition(int pos)

Set the value associated with the event.

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