A sash event is sent when the sash of a wxSashWindow has been dragged by the user.

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Event table macros

To process an activate event, use these event handler macros to direct input to a member function that takes a wxSashEvent argument.

EVT_SASH_DRAGGED(id, func) Process a wxEVT_SASH_DRAGGED event, when the user has finished dragging a sash.
EVT_SASH_DRAGGED_RANGE(id1, id2, func) Process a wxEVT_SASH_DRAGGED_RANGE event, when the user has finished dragging a sash. The event handler is called when windows with ids in the given range have their sashes dragged.

Data structures

enum wxSashDragStatus


When a sash belonging to a sash window is dragged by the user, and then released, this event is sent to the window, where it may be processed by an event table entry in a derived class, a plug-in event handler or an ancestor class.

Note that the wxSashWindow doesn't change the window's size itself. It relies on the application's event handler to do that. This is because the application may have to handle other consequences of the resize, or it may wish to veto it altogether. The event handler should look at the drag rectangle: see wxSashEvent::GetDragRect to see what the new size of the window would be if the resize were to be applied. It should also call wxSashEvent::GetDragStatus to see whether the drag was OK or out of the current allowed range.

See also

wxSashWindow, Event handling overview


wxSashEvent(int id = 0, wxSashEdgePosition edge = wxSASH_NONE)



wxSashEdgePosition GetEdge(void) const

Returns the dragged edge. The return value is one of wxSASH_TOP, wxSASH_RIGHT, wxSASH_BOTTOM, wxSASH_LEFT.


wxRect GetDragRect(void) const

Returns the rectangle representing the new size the window would be if the resize was applied. It is up to the application to set the window size if required.


wxSashDragStatus GetDragStatus(void) const

Returns the status of the sash: one of wxSASH_STATUS_OK, wxSASH_STATUS_OUT_OF_RANGE. If the drag caused the notional bounding box of the window to flip over, for example, the drag will be out of rage.

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