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wxSocketBase, wxURL


bool Reconnect(void)

Tries to reestablish a previous opened connection (close and renegotiate connection).

Return value

true, if the connection is established, else false.


wxInputStream * GetInputStream(const wxString& path)

Creates a new input stream on the specified path. You can use all but seek functionality of wxStream. Seek isn't available on all stream. For example, http or ftp streams doesn't deal with it. Other functions like StreamSize and Tell aren't available for the moment for this sort of stream. You will be notified when the EOF is reached by an error.

Return value

Returns the initialized stream. You will have to delete it yourself once you don't use it anymore. The destructor closes the network connection.

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bool Abort(void)

Abort the current stream.


It is advised to destroy the input stream instead of aborting the stream this way.

Return value

Returns true, if successful, else false.


wxProtocolError GetError(void)

Returns the last occurred error.

wxPROTO_NOERR No error.
wxPROTO_NETERR A generic network error occurred.
wxPROTO_PROTERR An error occurred during negotiation.
wxPROTO_CONNERR The client failed to connect the server.
wxPROTO_INVVAL Invalid value.
wxPROTO_NOFILE The remote file doesn't exist.
wxPROTO_ABRT Last action aborted.
wxPROTO_RCNCT An error occurred during reconnection.
wxPROTO_STREAM Someone tried to send a command during a transfer.


wxString GetContentType(void)

Returns the type of the content of the last opened stream. It is a mime-type.


void SetUser(const wxString& user)

Sets the authentication user. It is mainly useful when FTP is used.


void SetPassword(const wxString& user)

Sets the authentication password. It is mainly useful when FTP is used.

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