wxHelpControllerHelpProvider is an implementation of wxHelpProvider which supports both context identifiers and plain text help strings. If the help text is an integer, it is passed to wxHelpController::DisplayContextPopup. Otherwise, it shows the string in a tooltip as per wxSimpleHelpProvider. If you use this with a wxCHMHelpController instance on windows, it will use the native style of tip window instead of wxTipWindow.

You can use the convenience function wxContextId to convert an integer context id to a string for passing to wxWindow::SetHelpText.

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wxHelpProvider, wxSimpleHelpProvider, wxContextHelp, wxWindow::SetHelpText, wxWindow::GetHelpText


wxHelpControllerHelpProvider(wxHelpControllerBase* hc = NULL)

Note that the instance doesn't own the help controller. The help controller should be deleted separately.


void SetHelpController(wxHelpControllerBase* hc)

Sets the help controller associated with this help provider.


wxHelpControllerBase* GetHelpController(void) const

Returns the help controller associated with this help provider.

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