A font list is a list containing all fonts which have been created. There is only one instance of this class: wxTheFontList. Use this object to search for a previously created font of the desired type and create it if not already found. In some windowing systems, the font may be a scarce resource, so it is best to reuse old resources if possible. When an application finishes, all fonts will be deleted and their resources freed, eliminating the possibility of `memory leaks'.

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Constructor. The application should not construct its own font list: use the object pointer wxTheFontList.


void AddFont(wxFont * font)

Used by wxWidgets to add a font to the list, called in the font constructor.


wxFont * FindOrCreateFont(int point_size, int family, int style, int weight, bool underline = false, const wxString& facename = NULL, wxFontEncoding encoding = wxFONTENCODING_DEFAULT)

Finds a font of the given specification, or creates one and adds it to the list. See the wxFont constructor for details of the arguments.


void RemoveFont(wxFont * font)

Used by wxWidgets to remove a font from the list.

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