This class is used for the objects returned by wxDynamicLibrary::ListLoaded method and contains the information about a single module loaded into the address space of the current process. A module in this context may be either a dynamic library or the main program itself.

Derived from

No base class.

Include files


(only available if wxUSE_DYNLIB_CLASS is set to $1$)


wxString GetName(void) const

Returns the base name of this module, e.g. kernel32.dll or libc-2.3.2.so.


wxString GetPath(void) const

Returns the full path of this module if available, e.g. c:$\backslash$windows$\backslash$system32$\backslash$kernel32.dll or /lib/libc-2.3.2.so.


bool GetAddress(void ** addr, size_t *len) const

Retrieves the load address and the size of this module.


the pointer to the location to return load address in, may be NULL

pointer to the location to return the size of this module in memory in, may be NULL

Return value

TRUEif the load address and module size were retrieved, FALSEif this information is not available.


wxString GetVersion(void) const

Returns the version of this module, e.g. 5.2.3790.0 or 2.3.2. The returned string is empty if the version information is not available.

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